Bridging Northern Ontario employers and internationally trained professionals

Professions North/Nord (PNN) is an initiative of Laurentian University that assists employers with labour shortages, and internationally trained professionals (ITPs) in finding employment in Northern Ontario.


Professions North/Nord provides services to Northern Ontario employers in recruitment, job matching, resume screening and employee retention. PNN’s extensive database of pre-screened internationally trained professionals encompasses numerous occupational fields such as engineering, accounting, management, environmental sciences, IT and others. Residing in Ontario, our internationally trained professionals are looking for new opportunities in Northern Ontario.

   Internationally Trained Professionals

Professions North/Nord also specializes in assisting internationally trained professionals reach their career goals by bridging the gap between education, experience, culture and employment. Our goal is to help ITPs acquire the information, training and resources they need to be successful in securing a career in their field in Northern Ontario.

   We Can Help

Our team is located in Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie. If you are a Northern Ontario employer looking to hire highly skilled professionals or a newcomer needing employment assistance, and would like more information on our services and program, please browse our website or contact our team at 1-866-210-3020.

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