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According to the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, by 2011, it is expected that all of Ontario’s net workforce growth will come from immigration.

You can benefit from hiring and retaining internationally-trained professionals (ITP) in many ways.

Help meet your professional needs.
Canadian-born professionals will become harder to find and, over the coming years, immigrants will play an increasingly significant role in Canada’s workforce. 

Increase your competitiveness.
Many ITPs have the skills and talents to help your organization compete in the global marketplace. 

Help develop new markets.
ITPs may speak languages and have knowledge of cultures that can help you develop new local and global markets. 

Make your organization more effective.
ITPs can bring fresh perspectives into your organization, stimulating new thinking, and introducing more effective ways of doing business. 

Connect you with other valuable workers and organizations.
ITPs may be able to link you to other prospective employees and connect your business to useful national or international organizations.

Many internationally-trained professionals have difficulty finding meaningful employment. Despite their high levels of education and years of experience, over ten percent of recent immigrants were unemployed as of the 2006 Census; twice that of the Canadian born population.

The goal of Professions North/Nord (PNN) is to help ITPs overcome common barriers to employment such as:

  • difficulty gaining recognition of foreign credentials;
  • lack of information about how to access a profession;
  • difficulty in gaining recognition of foreign work experience by occupational regulatory bodies and employers;
  • lack of access to adequate, occupation-specific educational/training upgrading, language training and testing;
  • lack of uniformity of standards in regulated occupations across provinces, and;
  • lack of Canadian experience making it difficult to access employment.

Professions North/Nord offers services and training that addresses each of these challenges. Whether you have ITPs on your team or are looking to make ITPs part of your team, we can help you and your internationally trained staff achieve the success you both seek.

If you or your company is interested in becoming a mentor or offering internships for ITPs, please contact us or one of our service locations for more information on how you can make ITPs part of your dynamic and innovative team.

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