Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I as an Employer work with Professions North/Nord?
  • Our services are FREE:
    • Recruitment Services
    • Résumé Screening
    • Employee Retention
    • Job Matching
  • Meet recruiting needs as Canadian born workers become harder to find.
  • Increase competitiveness by boosting innovation and bringing new perspectives to your organization.
  • Access global markets and knowledge of international business practices and build relationships from various parts of the world.
  • Get insight into the needs and preferences of customers from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Enhance your corporate image through increased diversity.
  • Economic growth in Northern Ontario
How does an Employer share a posting with Professions North/Nord?
If you’d like to take advantage of our FREE job matching services and share a job posting with us, please contact our head office by phone at 705-222-1766 or toll-free at 1-866-210-3020, or by email at [email protected]

You can also contact your local Professions North Employment Officer.

North Bay – 705-222-1766 x 8

Sault Ste. Marie – 705-759-0909 x 4244

Sudbury – 705-222-1766 x 7

Thunder Bay – 807-333-1766 x 10

Timmins – 705-222-1766 x 11
What is the cost of enrolling in Professions North/Nord?

The services provided by PNN are free for all eligible clients (portfolio development, competency assessments, workplace communication in Canada training, etc.).

What services does Professions North/Nord offer?

For more information on Professions North free services please go to:
-       Services for internationally trained professionals - Click Here
-       Services for Northern Ontario employers - Click Here

Where are Professions North/Nord offices located?

PNN offices are located in North Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay.

In which languages are services offered?

Services are offered in French and English.

Who can enroll in the Professions North/Nord program?

For information on eligibility criteria, please click here.

How can ITPs register and access Professions North services?

ITPs may enroll in the PNN program by filling out an online form.
To register now click here

How long does it take to complete the program?
The PNN program is customized to meet individual ITPs' needs. The time needed to complete the different program components varies greatly based on the individual’s availability, status and quality of self-marketing materials. It can take anywhere from two weeks to four months.
Can I participate in Professions North/Nord even if I have done another bridging program? What if I am already working with another employment agency?
ITP’s who have completed another bridging program prior to PNN are encouraged to keep working with that program and apply for PNN. There is no conflict in working with both programs.

Registrants may be fast-tracked into the second phase of PNN to avoid duplicating the training they have already done. We also encourage those participating in other employment programs, such as Employment Ontario, to keep working with that program and apply for PNN. There is no conflict in working with both programs as their services are complimentary to one another.