The Mining Professional
Immigrant Network (M-PIN)

What is M-PIN?

In collaboration with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and Professions North/ Nord (PNN), M-PIN is a free social network that helps Ontario mining employers connect and collaborate with like-minded experts as well as internationally trained professionals in search of meaningful employment.

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Partner Testimonials

York University

“[The Spotlight session presented by Professions North/Nord] was well-ordered, interesting and engaging. Our students apprecaited the information and positive approach to introducing [Northern Ontario communities] as a destination for building a healthy, competitive life for newcomers to Canada.”

Simon Swain, Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Business, IT and HRprofessionals, York University

“PNN provided support to clients of the rural employment initiative, a project of Newcomer Centre of Peel. This included sending job postings from employers in their region which is then matched with the REI clients. Support also included direct support to connect clients to employers.”

Oliver Pryce, Project Coordinator - Newcomer Centre of Peel

About our virtual webinars:

“Excellent presentation. Provided a great deal of information and we will recommend that our IEN participants consider working in Northern Ontario. Professions North/Nord is an excellent resource.”

Janice Collins, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation