Is a license required to sell securities in Ontario?

To sell securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds you must have a license from the proper regulatory or self-regulatory organisation.  Each type of security typically has its own license or separate registration.

   What are some professions that would benefit from or require one of the securities licenses?

Financial planner
Mutual fund representative
Investment professional or advisor
Stock broker

       What are some courses towards obtaining a license to sell certain types of securities?    

Canadian Securities Course (CSC)
Investment Funds in Canada (IFC)
Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC)

      What are soft skills and are they important for this profession?   

Soft skills refer to a set of non-technical or interpersonal skills that influence how individuals interact with each other.  They are important for all professions.  Canadian employers across all fields and industries have identified the lack of Canadian-specific soft skills and professional workplace communication as the greatest barrier to employment for internationally-trained professionals, regardless of the individual’s qualifications and education.  Understanding the local language and customs of business is the key to success in any workplace. 

     What are some PNN services that can help?  

Portfolio Development
Sign Post
Intercultural Communication for the Canadian Workplace (ICCW)

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