Volunteer Work Helps Overcome not Having ‘Canadian Experience’

PNN Employment Tip - September 2011

Let’s say you’ve got an impressive resume full of international credentials and experience in your field.  Perhaps you’ve even gotten your credentials recognized by Canadian standards.  Are you still running into the dilemma of not having ‘Canadian experience’?
One way to overcome this is to offer your valuable services to a local company or organization on a volunteer basis.  It won’t be long before you accumulate the experience they are referring to.  There are other benefits to volunteering as well:

  • You may develop contacts and/or references for future job leads
  • You can improve your language and interpersonal skills
  • You will learn new job-related skills
  • You will be making a positive contribution to your community

Find out more on where you can volunteer and what this entails by contacting the Volunteer Centre closest to you.  Settlement.org is a great starting website for more information on volunteering.