Workplace Communication (Talk the Talk!)

PNN Employment Tip - February 2012
So you have the education and you also have experience, some of which you may have even obtained in Canada.  Are you still looking for an advantage in the workplace?  Maybe you’re missing the meanings behind some of the lingo used, or maybe you’re looking to get a job in your field. 
If this sounds like you, it may not be the “hard” or technical skills you’re missing, but perhaps it’s your “soft” or interpersonal skills.  Soft skills are crucial because they allow you to deal with workplace situations successfully, to showcase your knowledge as well as to interact with your co-workers, bosses, clients, etc.
Professions North is here to help!  We offer you the online Intercultural Communication for the Canadian Workplace (ICCW) course.  This course is free of charge for eligible clients and deals with real-life scenarios, managing each situation effectively.  Some scenarios may include:
How to deal with a difficult co-worker

  • How to excel at performance evaluations
  • How to best present your skill set during an interview
  • How to apply productive teamwork