Positive Attitude

PNN Employment Tips - December 2012

Do not get frustrated and upset if you are unable to get employment in your field. Be positive and stay optimistic. A positive attitude is the other most important thing you can do to achieve success. "Look on the bright side", "I'm a cup half full, type of person", are common sayings you may have often heard which mean focus on the positive side of the situation. Canadians love people who see the positive in situations and are visibly happy.
Smiling, a kind and upbeat tone of voice, and turning potentially negative things into a positive (we will often say about a negative situation that it was "a good learning experience") are qualities that are highly valued, even required of a professional.
The interview process is about getting to know the qualities of your character and how well you will "fit-in" with their team and workplace culture (the resume is where you need to successfully demonstrate your technical skills and achievements). Being positive, courteous, smiling, will have a tremendous impact on how you are evaluated as qualifying for the position in question.
Your attitude has great impact on the way you communicate with others. People can judge your attitude by the tone of your voice and by your postures. Positive attitude does not just happen; you need to work on it, start practicing and adjusting your attitude in your daily communication.
Having positive attitude will make you feel better and help you manage your stress. Negativity makes things worse for you and for the people around you. Do not blame yourself or blame others for not being successful in getting a job offer. Evaluate the situation and discuss your options with your family, friends and your employment counselor. Be sure that this is another stage of life and it’s temporary. You can make this period of time shorter and productive by being assertive, active and positive.