Reading Trade Magazines

PNN’s Employment Tip - July 2012
As you search for jobs, you need to familiarize yourself with your profession’s specific language and terminology. This knowledge will help you perform well in the interview and will help you adjust to your new job more quickly and easily. Reading business magazines related to your profession is one of the best tools that can enable you to gain the knowledge and the understanding of your profession in Canada. 
Here is what you do:
There is a magazine for every specialization you can imagine! Type “magazine” and the name of your specialty in Google and you will find results immediately. You may focus on the ones for North America.
Here are some of the benefits of reading trade magazines:

  • Every industry has its own language, its own way of speaking, and its own specific expressions and terminology. You must talk like them to be one of them! Reading trade magazine is the best way to learn the language of your specific field.
  • Magazines help you to learn who the major players are in your trade. What do they do? Who is their competition? How do they relate to each other? 
  • The news section of magazines refresh your memory and keep you up to date on current trends in the market.
  • You will learn about problems companies may be trying to solve right now. This information is invaluable when you are marketing yourself to employers. Think about how your talent and experience can help them overcome these problems.
  • Reading magazines will improve your English/French language proficiency in general and strengthen youre wealth of vocabularies that are related to your profession.
  • Magazines will also have advertisements, job postings for different companies, associations, and relevant trade events. Plan to join some of these and build your network. If you want valuable resources at your disposal at any time, this is definitely a valuable one.