Know Your Expertise

PNN’s Employment Tip - August 2012
Canada is a country of specialists so you should try to figure out where your expertise lies and focus on that specific area in your field. Narrowing down your expertise and specialties will also enable you to continue learning and strengthen your skills.  This will help you to narrow your search but will certainly increase your chances of getting an offer. Even after being employed, excelling in your field of expertise and doing some upgrading will increase your experience and qualifications which may qualify you for salary increases and promotions in your current company.
 Here is what you can do:

  • List your major accomplishments and skills.  Identify where you excel most: what are you very good at? where do you need improvements? what interests you most?
  • Once you have found your specialty, do some research to find out where those skills are needed (companies, cities, provinces …etc.) and market yourself as an expert in that particular area.
  • Check Working in Canada to learn the requirements, trends and demand for your profession. There are many online sources that could help you find out the “outlook” for your expertise.
  • Consider taking courses or bridge training programs to upgrade and strengthen your skills and qualifications to master your expertise and specialties.  
  • Consult the National Occupation Classification website under occupational structure to identify the job titles you qualified for based on your expertise and skills.  Then, focus on searching and applying for these jobs that match your expertise.  
  • You should market your skills to employers through a well written cover letter resume and interviews when applying for jobs that match your expertise.