PNN Employment Tips - October 2012
Having the relevant skills and expertise is not necessarily enough to find you an employment opportunity.  If you have been applying for jobs in your region for quite some time and not getting calls for interviews, you need to use other techniques and tools to increase the success of your job search.  There could be many reasons why you are not successful in getting a job where you live, such as too much competition or not enough demand for your skills in that area.  Have you thought of looking for opportunities in other cities or even of moving outside of your city or region?  
Here are some of the benefits of relocating:

  • If you are living in a big city such as Toronto or its surrounding area, you are competing with a large number of internationally-trained professionals who may have similar or better qualifications.  In smaller cities, employers are able to remember you because there is typically less competition and fewer internationally-trained professional job seekers.

  • You need to identify the city or region where there is demand for your profession.  You may find this information by searching the internet.  One useful website is  You can search your professions and jobs by city, region or province.  If you can’t find listings in your region, perhaps you should be searching for regions where there are many postings.  You can also contact the settlement organizations in that specific city to receive more information about life and work in that area. 

  • People are usually friendly in small cities and living expenses are much smaller compared to big city centres. 

  • Smaller cities generally tend to be less diverse and do not have the same multicultural environment as the big cities, so you may need to make some sacrifices.  Some communities may not have the cultural and religious institutions that are available in larger cities and you may miss your larger community networks.  However, the more newcomers chose to make these places their home, the more their social networks, culture and religion will flourish.

Professions North/Nord encourages you to consider relocating to Northern Ontario. While you are searching for your job, you and your family can enjoy the lifestyle and many amenities available in Northern cities.  You can explore more about Northern Ontario by visiting:, or you may contact us for more information.